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Accelerating your success through competency-based learning



Tempo Learning lets you accomplish your education goals on your schedule, at your pace. The result: skills and knowledge that employers want.

Tempo Learning is:

  • Your link between education and employment. Employers help us identify competencies that are key to your success, so you’ll acquire skills and knowledge that support your job aspirations.
  • At your speed, on your schedule. Our self-directed curriculum gives you more control over your learning plan and due dates. We provide you with the support you need to accelerate your learning and completion of your program*
  • Designed for success. In addition to an accomplished faculty, Tempo Learning programs connect you with a coach to help you with your weekly progress.
  • Powered by your experience. Your on-the-job smarts help you advance, as you demonstrate what you already know through competency assessments.

*In order to stay in good academic standing students must complete a minimum number of competencies or credit equivalents per term. See Walden Student Handbook for details.


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A New Way To Learn Putting The Student At The Center


Every day we work toward improving the learning experience for busy adults like you. Competency-Based Learning allows you to learn at your own speed, as well as demonstrate the work and life experience you already have as you work toward earning your degree.

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