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Pop Quiz on Your Education: Five Questions to Ask Yourself.

As you explore this website, you’ll see lots of good reasons to consider a competency-based program to achieve your goals—both in your education and in your career. But the biggest reason of all is you: who you are, the life you live, and the way you learn. Before you embark on a degree program, you […]

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Small Steps to Going Big: The Key to Finishing Your Degree

Every journey starts with a single step. It’s a cliché that you’ve seen on T-shirts and posters—and one that people trot out when talking about embarking on a degree program. We’d actually say that it needs a little modification: Every journey starts with the hardest step. The hardest step: Starting Every journey starts with a […]

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Your Degree: Set your Price by Setting Your Pace

A quick glance at today’s university tuition rates is enough to give any potential student second thoughts about pursuing a degree. The total cost, on top of the time required, the sacrifices against other life priorities, and the sheer effort that learning demands … it’s no wonder so many educational dreams get put on permanent […]

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