Q : What is Tempo Learning?

Tempo Learning is Walden University’s new online Competency-Based Learning (CBL) experience being developed by Laureate Education. It is a competency-based learning model, which allows you to learn at your own speed, as well as demonstrate the work and life experience you already have.

Q : What is CBL?

Competency-Based Learning (CBL) is a new way to earn a degree without the constraints of the traditional class model. With CBL, you learn at your own speed, as well as demonstrate the work and life experience you bring to the table.

Q : How much time is needed to complete a program?

The time it will take to earn a degree in Tempo Learning is determined by each individual’s education, experience level, and as the ability to demonstrate relevant work and life experience.

Q : What equipment is required?

• Ready access to a computer (PC or Mac) that is connected to the Internet

• Familiarity with and access to Windows Office, Open Office, and/or Google Docs products

• Familiarity with and access to the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox browsers

• Ability to record audio & video via computer or mobile device

Q : What if I forgot my password to the Tempo Learning platform?

On the my.tempolearning.com sign-in page, click the “Forgot Password” link. Enter your username (student email address), and a reset email will be sent to the student email address on file. You will need to enter your username & new password (twice).

Q : How long will it take for my assessment to be graded?

Faculty Assessors will return your submitted Assessments with their feedback within 72 business hours.

Q : What is the difference between the different Faculty roles?

• A Faculty Coach is assigned to you as an ongoing resource for the entire life of your program. This person is your first point of contact for any concerns, academic or otherwise. The Faculty Coach partners with the Faculty SME to ensure you are receiving the academic support & instruction you need to successfully complete the competencies.

• A Faculty SME (Subject Matter Expert) will be available to assist you with questions directly related to the subject matter within each specific competency.

• A Faculty Assessor will be responsible for providing written feedback on your Assessments using well-defined rubrics.

Q : What questions are for my Coach versus a SME?

Anything content-related should be addressed with your Faculty Subject Matter Expert (SME). Your Faculty Coach should be your first point of contact for everything else.

Q : What is the purpose of the Customized Learning Plan (CLP) ?

The Customized Learning Plan (CLP) serves as a blueprint for completing your certificate. The CLP details your learning goals for the duration of the program including which Competencies and Assessments you plan to complete. You develop your CLP at the beginning of the program and update it within 14 days of the start of each term. You will draft your CLP with the help of your Faculty Coach.

The Faculty Coach and you will discuss your individual academic background, work history, time availability, and other factors to help you develop a tailored learning plan. The CLP allows both you and the Faculty Coach to track your progress on a weekly basis over an entire term. The CLP works to ensure you are making successful progress towards completing your program.

Q : When am I able to submit an Assessment ?

You will have the opportunity to access and review an Assessment at any time; however, you will only be allowed to submit an Assessment once all quizzes in that competency’s Activities area have been successfully completed. A quiz is considered successfully completed when 80% or better is achieved.

Q : How many chances do I get to complete an Assessment ?

You will have the opportunity to resubmit an Assessment three times. You may submit your first or second attempt at a Competency Assessment at any time after successfully completing all quizzes in the competency. Your Faculty Coach must grant you permission to submit your third and final attempt, and will do so only after you’ve created and agreed to a study plan with a Faculty SME.

Q : Where should I send my Official Transcripts ?

During the application process, you may be asked to request an official transcript from your previous college(s) registrar’s office. You can contact your previous college(s) and request your transcript(s).

Be sure to indicate that your transcript(s) should be sent to:

Walden University Office of Admissions

650 S. Exeter Street

Baltimore, MD 21202

NOTE: Official transcripts have the Registrar’s signature and are printed on security paper with a seal. Official transcripts must be received in the mail in individually-sealed envelopes with the imprint “Transcript Enclosed” on the front, and “Transcript Valid If Seal Not Broken” on the back.