Q: What is Tempo Learning®?

Tempo Learning® is Walden University’s Competency-Based Education modality — an alternative experience to Walden’s existing course-based modality. Instead of courses, the Walden Tempo Learning® programs are comprised of Competencies and rigorous Assessments. Competencies are the skills, knowledge, and abilities a student needs to be successful in their chosen career field. In Tempo Learning®, students learn to demonstrate competencies instead of completing courses ensuring that every graduate can show their current or future employer the specific skills and abilities they’ve learned in their Walden degree program.


Q: What are the technical requirements for Tempo Learning?

  • Internet access required
  • Operating Systems: Windows Vista/7 or Mac OS X
  • Speakers, and headphones with microphone connected to the computer
  • Web Browser: latest versions of Google Chrome or Firefox only
  • Microsoft Office, Open Office and/ or Google Docs Products
  • Adobe Reader ver. 10.1 or higher
  • Adobe Flash Player ver. 11.7 or higher
  • Windows Media Player ver. 11 or higher or Apple QuickTime ver. 7.7 or higher
  • Antivirus software (e.g., McAfee or Norton) installed, running, and kept current by promptly installing the upgrades and patches made available by the software manufacturer


 Q: How long will it take me to complete my program?
With no set weekly deadlines, you can speed up or slow down as your time or knowledge allow. Time to completion varies for each student based on their available time, experience, and personal goals.


 Q: Where should I send my Official Transcripts?

During the application process, you will be asked to request an official transcript from your previous college(s) registrar’s office. You can contact your previous college(s) and request your transcript(s).

Be sure to indicate that your transcript(s) should be sent to:

Walden University

Attention: Admissions Office

7065 Samuel Morse Dr.

Columbia, Maryland 21046

NOTE: Official transcripts have the Registrar’s signature and are printed on security paper with a seal. Official transcripts must be received in the mail in individually-sealed envelopes with the imprint “Transcript Enclosed” on the front, and “Transcript Valid If Seal Not Broken” on the back.