Learn any time,any where.

Small steps. Big leaps. On your schedule.

Tempo Learning provides an intuitive online learning experience to your degree program’s competencies. So you can make the most of every minute, making progress whenever it fits in your life.

Set your pace. Or change it.

The one constant in life: Things change. Tempo Learning allows you to make aggressive progress when you have time and bandwidth—and slow down when the realities of life take priority. Our platform lets you log in from any device, any time, and includes easy ways to plan, map and track your progress.

Put your work experience to work.

Since your degree competencies are based on real-world skills, you’ll be able to apply work experience when it syncs up with competencies. The benefit: leveraging your current knowledge to make progress in your program, potentially saving you time and money.

Your class schedule: 24/7

Whether it’s a 10-minute break at work or an extra half-hour after the kids go to bed, you can make progress, on your phone, tablet or computer, wherever you are. Competency-based learning means you decide your schedule.

Support is always by your side

You might be studying at the kitchen table, at a coffee shop, or in a break room. But you’re always just a click away from help, including faculty, fellow students, and your academic coach.

One-on-One Academic Expertise

A faculty subject matter expert shares their knowledge to clarify content and facilitate learning

Dedicated Coach Support

Your academic coach meets with you regularly throughout your program, helping you plan and work toward goals

Meaningful Feedback

Faculty assessors evaluate your work, providing responsive, meaningful feedback to ensure complete, applicable knowledge.

As someone who naturally struggles with procrastination I have found the support of my coach to be one of the best resources. She has encouraged me throughout the times when life seems a little too chaotic to fit everything in. Jennifer Hough MS ECS, Student

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