cert-timeIn a busy life like yours, every minute counts. So we’ve designed a learning experience that makes the most of every minute. We believe a degree program can be achieved by making steady, daily progress. Just as important, we believe that what you bring to the program—your life and work experience—can be used to add momentum to your learning.
planWhat are competencies? Competencies are skills or knowledge that you learn to demonstrate through your education, each carefully constructed to support successful career building. Tempo Learning is a competency-based program, meaning that your progress is measured by mastering these competencies. Each competency we include in your path to a degree was carefully designed by expert faculty with input from employers, with your education and future employment in mind.

Tempo Learning Features

Steady does it: Easy progress planning - At-a-glance and up-to-date views of your progress are always available, so you stay motivated and aware of what lies ahead. And if life throws the occasional obstacle your way, our program makes it easy to re-plan your education path and stay on track.

You’re never alone: Student and faculty support - Sometimes you just need to raise your hand and get some help. We offer access to the other learners in your program, as well as your Faculty Coach and Walden’s Faculty Subject-Matter experts. Support with specific questions, or encouragement during a challenging assessment, all just a click away.

Be social: Share your Tempo experience - Letting friends, family and coworkers know you’re working on your degree is important: they’ll offer support and encouragement, plus be interested in your progress! It helps keep you motivated, plus gets the word out that your employability is on a big upswing. You’ll have a Tempo Learning public profile that you can share to announce milestones via Twitter, Facebook, and the all-important LinkedIn.

Take control of your education costs.

Our goal is to see you succeed. Our mission is to make it achievable. One important factor of that is affordability. You pay a 3-month subscription rate, and can complete as many competencies as your time and experience allows. You only pay for the amount of time you need to complete your degree, with no hidden fees or costs.

Your subscription period will simply renew every three months until you are finished demonstrating all the competencies in your program. And with all the support that is on hand, you’ll have everything you need to move forward with your education—and get ahead with your career.

Walden Academic Coach

Success requires partnership.  The Walden Academic Coach is your dedicated partner throughout the life of your program.  Coaches serve as advisors, mentors, and ultimately are champions focused on your success.  They work with you each week to ensure you are getting the appropriate support and resources to make meaningful progress.

Walden Faculty Assessor

Accelerated learning requires timely and meaningful feedback.  Walden Faculty Assessors have deep expertise in one or more competency areas and evaluate your work with carefully designed rubrics in order to provide you with meaningful feedback in 72 hours.  Timely and specific feedback is critical in the Tempo Learning model, in which you have multiple attempts to demonstrate your knowledge and skill of a particular competency.

Walden Faculty Subject Matter Expert

Meaningful learning requires access to the experts.  Walden Faculty Subject Matter Experts are faculty members who have deep expertise in one or more competency areas.  They hold weekly office hours, webinars, online Q&As, and individual work sessions with students.  They help you with any questions or challenges you may have in learning the knowledge or skills you will need to demonstrate proficiency in each competency.


It’s About Time


  • The course length dictates completion time. Courses must start and end within a term period.
  • Framework does not allow students to accelerate progress if they have already mastered content.
  • Framework does not allow students to spend more time mastering content if they are struggling.


  • Completion date varies based on a student’s understanding of the course materials and ability to demonstrate competency.
  • Student may accelerate their progress if they are able to show mastery of content.
  • Conversely, a student may spend additional time with material that proves to be more challenging.

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